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Teodero Lugano


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Home Interiors Preservation and Remodeling, Monochromatic Color palette, Contemporary and luxury setting, Dark and Moody Interiors

Classical and Modern


Our primary intention was to remodel the house into an utter sophisticated modern home whilst preserving the elements of its beautiful classical style. The surfaces are embellished
with subtle monochromatic color palette and bursts of contrasts to give an authentic yet a remodeled look. Unzipping through the details, use of greys and browns are responsible for unfolding pops of luxury that creates dramatic visual experiences for the users. Wooden parquet flooring

cordially harmonizes with the custom furniture and elements of biophilia to produce a seamless and soothing ambience. The LED panel in the edges remolds into a modern look
that challenges the dark moody and daring interiors of the house, thus offering a consistent feeling of security and comfort.

Monochromatic Color theme and Preserved Panels touch upon the Classical Style elements
Subtle greys and sheer curtains blend in with customized furniture to give an authentic Contemporary look
Old panels and Moldings were remodeled to preserve the beautiful existing space
Remodeled living room displays the beautiful preservations of the existing elements
The preservation flaunts timeless colors that will never go out of style
Wooden parquet flooring aligns seamlessly with the preserved elements

Marcus Hillside Home

Takahiro's House

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