We are a multidisciplinary design firm that balances relentless design thinking with practical functionality.
a geometric building at sunset with warm interior lighting
kitchen with dark gray cabinets and appliances

A fresh approach
to architecture
and design

A fresh approach
to architecture
and design
a dining room

About Us

Linea 7 is a multidisciplinary design firm that brings a relentless effort to boost design thinking and prioritize functionality in our projects that offer diversity in scales, sizes and uses. Our ability to blend various aspects of livability and user-centric approach tends to integrate into our design models to generate a sense of coherence and candidness.

Responsible for some of the stunning and striking projects widespread in the three continents – North America, South America, and Europe, our scope of vision is limitless. These projects are characterized by their phenomenal distinctive identities ranging from concrete and metal-framed Brutalist Bauhaus style to rustic renovated lofts inspired by Industrial style. The harmonious collaboration of spatial connectivity, material complexion and delightful aura summarize our projects into a classical and elegant realm.

Areas of Expertise


We continuously strive to create buildings that align with our client’s personalities and beliefs by offering them flexible spaces to grow. Characterized by strong architectural elements, striking material textures and ample environmental consideration, we make it possible for our clients to create rich experiences and lead a happy and healthy life.

angled view of wooden panels along building's edge
a detail shot of the wall showing afternoon lighting

Interior Design

Our integrated approach of shaping the building interiors promises the clients a highly flexible and functional space that emits vibrancy and positivity. We create a seamless experience for the space users by intricately specifying the furnishings, installations, art, and accessories.


Our team of professional designers are ready to turn your dream into reality. We’re excited to offer high-quality 3D architectural renders showcasing the distribution, materials, textures, and finishes to detail. We’ll let you visualize your space in the pre-construction phase, help you fly through the interior and exterior details of your residential or apartment homes. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Design

A modern kitchen must be able to meet the daily needs of today and tomorrow. Functionality and practicality are the interpretation of these minimalistic kitchens that we foresee and truly embrace. From planning the layout of your kitchen to designing custom cabinetry that solely complements your style - Linea 7 is a one-stop shop for all your kitchen design needs.

Bathroom Remodels

Looking to spruce up the personal spaces of your home? Whether it’s a basic remodel or a complete renovation - we, at Linea 7, have got you covered. You must get the bathroom you deserve since this personal space is where you commence your day from. From order to installation, we ensure a transparent and smooth process for overall ease, functionality, and practicality.

Product Design

Great products begin with a vast perspective and extensive understanding of end-user experience. We profoundly create products that leave an everlasting impact on the users by grabbing the opportunity of exploring the new and latest technologies in the industry. Inclining towards the durability and functionality, we continually strive for a sustainable-yet-a-beautiful product.

an open concept living room
an angled shot of a living room with a large bookcase


Bauhaus Brutalist meets Japan in this modern minimalist home. The color palette is nature based with lots of neutral and earthy tones taking over the space.

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an open living room with afternoon lighting

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