Squre ft:


Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Fernando's House


Square Ft:
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Cumaru Brazilian Teak, IPE Wood Panels, Stucco Cement, Steel

Eco-Efficient 100% Solar Powered Home, Modular Concrete and Glass Structure, Open Plan Living, Biophilia Connectivity & Air Flow, Vernacular Materials

Mies Style of Bauhaus


Fernado’s Country House is built as an Eco-efficient modular prototype based on the principles of Brutalist Bauhaus style. Swiftly blending in with the surrounding landscape, this
700 sqft house flaunts a spectacular view of the nearby mountains in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The contemporary house exhibits an eye-catchy profile with the juxtaposition of outer
seamless concrete structure and a wide array of expansive glass protected with teak plank shades.

Light is at play everywhere, from hitting on the vertical planks casting shadows on the floor to a multidimensional living space with an open plan design. The house relies on 100% solar
energy and enlightens the interior spaces with diversified air flow that offers a sustainable style of living to the users. This home brings together multiple aspects of locally available
Cumaru Brazilian teak planks that provides warmth to the space and adds an Amazonian look to its modern structure.

Evenings offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains
Brutalist Modular home outlooks the juxtaposition of Concrete with Cumaru Brazilian teak planks
Lush expansive lawns offer an all-Inclusive experience to the homeowners

Cumaru planks are used for window covers to provide shade

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Takahiro's House

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