Squre ft:


Zaragoza, Spain


Marcus’s Home


Square Ft:
Zaragoza, Spain
Concrete, Metal and Glass façade

Modular Cantilevered structure, Minimalistic Interiors, Biophilia connectivity, Neutral Color Palette, Simplicity and Sophistication

Mies Style of Bauhaus


Embracing the principles of Mies style of Bauhaus, this house in Zaragoza, Spain majestically
lies on a hilltop with a durable metal and concrete frame. Cantilevered on one end, this
3,300 sqft house overlooks the extensive views of the city and offers quality living to the
homeowners. Throughout the approach, meaningful design has been preached from the
moment one steps on the staggered floating staircase until the secured contemporary

Architecture and interiors are interlaced together into a seamless, monochromatic and
modern-looking project that applauds the relationship between outdoors and indoors
through floor-to-ceiling windows gazing over at the incredible views. Marble countertops
and dark-brown, greyish tone cabinets polish the kitchen into a minimalist product that
draws the eye and create a vibrant yet relaxing zone in the house.

Cantilevered Bauhaus Style House offers infinite views of the surroundings
Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Sliding Doors provide an Inside yet Outside feel in the kitchen
Balcony as a transition space for connecting with the nature and overlooking the city
The typical Modular Box beautifully Cantilevers on one end
Seamless Concrete and Glass adds the ‘Modern’ factor to the façade
Staggered Floating Staircases add a dynamic look to the perspective of the house
Monochromatic Walls and Cabinets create a subtle neutral look
Island Kitchen gleams with Marble Countertop and Matte Black Cabinets

Takahiro's House

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