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Takahiro's House


Square Ft:
Steel beam and concrete frame, Teak wood planks, Nero Portoro Italian marble

Cantilevered Structure, Open Plan Living, Retro Post-Modern touch, Earthy Monochromatic Palette, Luxurious and Opulent, Eclecticism: Japanese + Danish + Italian Style

Bauhaus Style 


This 3500 sqft house creates a seamless experience for the user with its striking use of contrasting materials and noteworthy design elements that weave together around the concept of eclectic and timeless design style.

Built on steel beams and a concrete frame, the structure profoundly blends itself with the surrounding context. Merging with the panoramic landscape, the house draws inspiration from the nature that can be observed in organic intricate patterns and active engagement of the interior spaces with the outdoors. The exposed concrete cantilevered structure aligns with the floating stone pedestals to draw the horizontal attention of the viewer. An aspirational instance – the house strongly showcases a modern minimalistic style with the retro post-modern touch to it. The color palette plays an important role in the design process – contrasting the natural materials with the nature-inspired earthy tones was a way to mimic the nature inside the building. Hues of greys, browns, and blacks blend in an essence to create a moody yet opulent feel in the interiors.

Wooden teak vertical paneling and low-height furniture account for openness and spaciousness in the house. A combination of polished concrete on the floors and ceiling, porcelain, luxe marble and custom-designed wooden teak ceilings, cabinets and furniture brings out an elegant touch to the house compelling it to offer a consistent feeling of an evocatively luxurious aesthetic. Talking about the glam, the bathrooms deep-rooted in ultra-modern style strike an eye-catchy profile. The custom-designed copper bathtub sits lavishly by the marble walls and shiny bright gold-metallic hardware oozing grandeur all-together. Meanwhile, the other bathroom displays Nero Portoro Italian marble with pink rectangular tiles clubbed together to make the space look opulent.

The thick tufted furniture draws its originality from Italy, Japan, and Danish styles to add the finest touch to the house. Extra cushioned and over-the-top materials for the furniture aligns its design styles with the house in creating a seamless relaxation and luxe ambiance for the users. This house profoundly overlooks majestic vistas of the lush garden and an expansive pool with remarkable views of the landscape and their backdrops.

Vertical Teak Wooden Planks justify the modern minimalist approach for the project
Custom-designed furniture draws inspiration from Italian and Danish styles
Natural Light washing deep through the sheer curtains brightens up the neutral palette of the living room
Floating Pedestals enhances the User Entryway Experience
The Ultra-Modern Space highlights its free-standing copper tub to polish the interiors with utter luxury
Luxury oozes out in this custom-designed bathroom with a dramatic climax of walls cladded in Nero Portoro Italian Marble and Fixtures Bronze-tinted
The space exhibits a Natural and Earthy Look
Open Plan Living defines the Fluidity of the Space
Low-heighted Custom Furniture accounts for Grandeur of the Living Room
Panoramic View of the House Overlooking Lush Garden and a Majestic Pool

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